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  • Quentin Mayne

The 3 steps Program

The magic receipe of the Social Program by Cap4Causes consists in 3 inclusives steps where we transform a lost human to a joyful being. Step 1: Being part of a helpful community Our brand new online store is a platform where we match creative and engaged designers to people in need. Their art is servicing the poverty cause. When you buy a cap of a pair of socks here, you generously donate to a fund whose only purpose is to offer packages of healthy food to the participants. Along side with the actual food, they receive a survival book where a survival strategy is exposed: How to be fed, every day, using the strategies of students mixed with the best tips from the street + a map of your city mapping the tools and services provided by different associations and by the state. This step aim to educate and feed the participants, giving him/her free time to solve other issues. But also to provide an audience to talented designers who definitely deserve more spotlight for their engaged work. We make sure the participant fully grasp the fact that he/she is not alone, and that they are part of an eco-system where they have a crucial role, without them, many artists would remain silent. Thanks to them, we can work with talented person, giving them royalties and allowing them to embrace their passion with a brighter horizon. Step 2: Taking an active role in a dynamic group Cap4Causes is joining multiple events where we explain to the public our project and where we expose our caps. During those events, a team of participants is created after having followed 2 modules: 1) Communication, verbal and non verbal 2) Sales The participants will feel fit and accompanied during those events. Our reward system and the fixed income allows them to generate money to be spend on something else than food. Indeed, they are totally free on the expenses they will have but we take a close look at the consumption of the addicted participants. Step3: Co-creation

We all have talents and a diverse team is a very good strating point to any project ! With the most enthusiast participants, we generate business ideas helping the improvement of the street condition, its inhabitants and the street itself. Cap4Causes proposes a tailor-made program, educate about our digital toolbox and provide quality brainstorming and trainings with as only purpose : the co-creation of SME's from the street for the street. Our Ultimate goal is to eradicate Extreme Urban Poverty ! By creating a dynamic eco-system of small businesses solving this issue, bite by bite.